Law Enforcement Software Solution

Law Enforcement Software Solution 1024 554 Nextware Technologies

Nextware completes the development of another fully customized paperless citation application. This is the second implementation of an end-to-end paperless citation application for a law enforcement organization by Nextware. The solution contains:

  • Mobile application capturing the citation information
  • Implementation of web services to pull up driver records and vehicle information on the field
  • Role based backend system to manage electronic tickets with their associated rules and workflow
  • Integration of the backend system with courts
  • Implementation of a complete audit trail capturing event details related to each citation
  • Wireless transmission of electronic citations from mobile devices to the backend system
  • Centralized management of mobile devices
  • Printing of tickets and electronically captured signatures on mobile printers
  • Reporting tools capturing critical metrics associated with officers, violations, and neighborhoods

As with other successful Nextware implementations, key contributing factors to the success of this project included:

  • Detailed requirements gathering
  • Multi phase development of the system thru prototype, alpha, and beta releases
  • Use of component based architecture and reusable components
  • Dedicated QA and unit testing team throughout all development phases

This implementation further deepens Nextware’s domain expertise in law enforcement application development with its specific architectural requirements around system security for internet access and wireless communications, system performance for real-time wireless communications, mobile device management, audit trails, and reporting.