Nextware Implementation of Digital Asset Management Web Portal for Global NGO
Nextware Implementation of Digital Asset Management Web Portal for Global NGO 1024 798 Nextware Technologies

Note: For legal reasons, we have to blur all references to the name of the NGO in the screenshots below. We will simply refer to them as “NGO”. Nextware has…

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CostTree Nextware Technologies Case Study Feature Image
AWS Cloud Migration for Intellect
AWS Cloud Migration for Intellect 1024 683 Nextware Technologies

Intellect helps its clients become more productive by automating business processes. Having utilized remote servers in its operations for many years, Intellect knew the flexibility and cost benefits of being…

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Cloud-Based Home Care Delivery
Cloud-Based Home Care Delivery 1024 640 Nextware Technologies

HomaCare provides digital solutions for health care providers, with a specific focus on applications used in home-based services.  Using its subscription-based solution, HomaCare allows for customized, data-driven services which promote…

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Adaxes User Management
Adaxes User Management 1024 683 Nextware Technologies

In an ideal world, all enduser access to your application or solution is controlled via Active Directory. Even better are single sign-on (SSO) integrations as the one mentioned in one of our previous…

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Automated Agency Upload WorkFlow
Automated Agency Upload WorkFlow 1024 683 Nextware Technologies

Besides taking a lot of time, uploading large sets of data over HTTP/HTTPS to your web-based DAM system can pose a couple of challenges: Lack of support for large uploads.…

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Hosting Canto Cumulus in the Cloud
Hosting Canto Cumulus in the Cloud 1024 750 Nextware Technologies

Most Canto Cumulus solutions are still hosted in-house for apparent reasons: better performance and tighter control over cost, data and infrastructure. However, a large corporate customer in the financial industry…

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