Atlassian Product Range

Collaboration Made Easy!

Nextware believes that solid project management, open information sharing and engaging team collaboration are the fundamental basis of any organization’s success. As the top Atlassian partner in the L.A. area, Nextware provides project management tools for any organization looking to implement an agile methodology. We also offer the full range of Atlassian support services and Atlassian training to get your team up to speed.

For clients looking to organize their project management methodology, maintain accountability for deliverables and reap the benefits of a collaborative team environment, Nextware offers the full range of Atlassian tools for agile project management for any type of project (JIRA), team collaboration (HipChat), information and knowledge sharing (Confluence), code storage (Bitbucket) and IT service operations (JIRA Service Desk). As the most popular suite to answer to such needs, Atlassian’s JIRA products offer clear benefits for users in any organization:

  • Atlassian products integrate seamlessly with each other, providing add-on functionality with very little additional training required
  • Atlassian offers its products in multiple configurations, including in-house hosting, cloud-hosted or software as a service
  • Atlassian products are highly scalable, providing agile environments for teams of any size or complexity
  • The Atlassian suite is highly customizable, giving teams the flexibility they need to create tailored workflows
  • Atlassian fully embraces agile principles across multiple schools of thought and methodologies
  • Atlassian products are very user-friendly and well-designed, promoting their use as a collaborative environment
  • Atlassian products are well-supported, with excellent customer support and technical documentation

Nextware implements a wide range of Atlassian tools for its clients. We can help you find the right fit for your project management team, customizing the user experience and adjusting its workflow to fit any client’s particular methodology, policies and processes.

JIRA Software & JIRA Core are the industry standards for agile project management. Contrary to popular belief, these are not just for software developers, but really for any type of team. By organizing the flow of tasks, keeping staff informed about parallel efforts and prioritizing the most important pieces of your backlog, JIRA Software makes teams more efficient and effective. Whether your team uses scrum, kanban, or a hybrid agile-waterfall methodology, JIRA Software and JIRA Core keep projects focused. By creating a custom workflow attached to responsibilities and team members, project managers (or any supervisor) can assign tasks in a balanced, efficient way. JIRA also allows for progress tracking and performance measurement while a project is underway.

Crowd centralizes your identity management, so you can manage users from multiple directories – Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite – via a single admin console. It also allows you to control application permissions from the same place.

JIRA Service Desk brings the power of service and help desk management to any IT service organization. Behind the simple, easy-to-use customer facing interface lie the powerful tools of the JIRA suite, allowing any IT service desk the ability to organize its workflow, prioritize critical tasks and track delivery of services. With asset management and IT ticket management tools at your fingertips, JIRA Service Desk makes running an IT service organization just that much easier.

HipChat brings real time, remote collaboration to any organization. With a range of desktop and mobile configurations, HipChat allows team members to share their work, meet on the fly through a videoconferencing capability and easily post screenshots so everyone can see what’s going on. Searchable chat makes finding that key point easier, even months after it was posted. The best part?  It’s all part of the Atlassian suite, allowing for simple integration with any existing Atlassian product or workflow. HipChat also meets your security needs, offering 256-bit SSL encryption security and managed access for third parties.

Confluence is an extremely powerful information and knowledge sharing, documentation, productivity and collaboration tool which brings together the collective knowledge of an organization. Unfortunately, it is often referred to as a “wiki,” which in case of Confluence would be a very limited view of its capabilities. Confluence provides a single place where team members can see the bigger picture of what everyone is working on, provide feedback and see where the road ahead will take them. Confluence is also valuable as a document management tool, allowing team members to collaborate on a single document while maintaining proper version control throughout.

Bitbucket is the premier solution for code collaboration. Controlling access, managing versions and keeping track of progress towards a goal are all much simpler with a common platform for the entire development team. Even when code gets large and unwieldy, Bitbucket offers large file storage and access solutions to keep everything on track and secure.