Cost Allocation Planning


CostTree web application developed by Nextware Technologies in Los Angeles

Project Details

CostTree produces cloud-based cost allocation software which helps entities of all sizes track their costs. When it came time to adapt CostTree’s proprietary software into a web-based subscription model, the company came to Nextware.

Nextware built its solution with CostTree’s many government customers in mind. Using a system data model, Nextware created a customizable platform which seamlessly adapts to changing organizational hierarchies. Nextware also focused strongly on security and access control, allowing governments to assign roles which correspond with the need to access sensitive information.

Nextware made the user interface simple. The system makes uploading, aggregating, and mapping information a snap. Nextware’s system also allows users to keep various versions of their cost allocation projects and compare allocation reports over multiple years.

Nextware hardwired accountability into every aspect of the system as well. Entire projects can be copied, archived, and retrieved for maximum accessibility. A focus on documentation allows auditors to see the source of each data element.

We needed a scalable system that could accommodate our largest clients. With hundreds of departments driving thousands of functions and expenditures each, the challenge of corralling and making sense of all that data was significant. Nextware met the challenge, delivering a web based solution that simplified a very complicated problem. Our customers are happy, which means that we are too.

Nicolie Lettini, CEO of CostTree