Software Development

Our software development team builds custom applications which seamlessly integrate into the workflow of your business

Custom software development doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With extensive experience and a strong team of engineers, Nextware uses its agile process to make any software product development or mobile application development project a success.

Nextware’s software services run the gamut of what today’s businesses require. We can develop enterprise-level software or create niche programs to fit specific needs. We are experienced in both customer-facing applications and software designed for internal use. Nextware can build the entire software program from scratch, or offer a team augmentation solution to get you through a resource-intensive sprint. And of course, we offer quality assurance and testing services to ensure that your system is robust and reliable.

Nextware serves businesses, governments, and nonprofits in a wide variety of market verticals. We pride ourselves on being able to service any need, no matter how complex or customized it may be. Nextware’s customer base spans an eclectic series of use cases and environments, giving us the perspective to respond to just about anything our customers are looking for.

Here are just a few examples of the markets we’ve served in the past:

  • Our healthcare software helps HomaCare deliver targeted, accountable services on the move, all with a cloud-hosted solution which saved money and increased productivity.
  • Nextware’s retail software solution gives Weiland the flexibility they needed to provide customer quotes quickly and easily, across a complex product and requirements matrix.
  • Wake County, North Carolina turned to Nextware for a government software solution to re-organize and find new efficiencies in its personnel processes.
  • PSC Analytics uses Nextware’s internet of things solutions to bring its marketing platform to life.
  • CostTree, the leading provider of cloud-based cost allocation software helps government organizations track costs across organizations, departments, and divisions.

These are just a few typical examples of the types of software development projects which Nextware delivers to its clients. We’ve also dealt with a few atypical projects, from data stores of brain research to processes for vetting construction contractors. Nextware enjoys a challenge – show us your software development project, and we’ll let you know how to get it done.

Nextware works with companies at every point in the application development process. Have an idea? We can spin it into a solution which meets your needs. Programmed yourself into a corner? Nextware specializes in rescuing projects on the brink of failure. Bogged down by legacy systems? Our expert developers can build around your existing architecture, integrate it into a broader framework, or mold it to fit your requirements.

We believe that strong, agile project management is essential to delivering successful products. Our agile project management practices employ the latest tools and technologies to ensure timely communication, visibility, and overall efficiency of the project. In fact, Nextware provides project management consultation to some clients who have experienced our project management process first hand and would like to implement the same tools and processes in other aspects of their business.

Throughout the software development process, Nextware focuses on the needs of its clients. We work with you at every stage to build requirements, develop solution architectures, and test prototypes. We strongly believe in agile principles, meaning a priority-driven, incremental software development life cycle that embraces change while staying aligned to your overall product vision. Our team will listen to your needs, and even help you to bring out some requirements which you may not have initially considered. When you’re happy, we’ll be happy too.

Drawing from our strong credentials in user interface/user experience design, component architecture, and technology standards, Nextware’s software development team builds applications which make sense. Our applications are known for their elegant look and ease of use. We believe that intuitive applications are the ones people use the most.

We know that you want to focus on the bottom line of your business, not the technology behind it. That’s why Nextware creates applications for both mobile and web-based platforms which streamline process flows to maximize productivity. Our responsive design solutions are designed to look good and provide advanced functionality on any device, from the smallest phones to the largest desktop monitors.

Our agile process focuses on the needs of internal stakeholders and endusers alike, keeping their needs, habits, and desires front and center throughout the software development cycle. We work with you to stay focused on the ultimate goal – software which delivers focused value to those who need it, increasing use (and profit) over time.

The Nextware team brings time-tested experience and a wide range of software development credentials to all its projects. It can be hard to find a software development company which provides services to meet the complex needs of specific systems. Our engineers can speak the language of whatever platform, market vertical, or operating system you want to use.

If you’re starting from scratch, Nextware can offer a complete software solution that takes you all the way through to the end. Once we have the outlines of your project and access to the people who will use it, Nextware can deliver complete end-to-end services which take you through the development cycle, launch, and post-launch adjustment phases.

If you already have an in-house team working on a software development project, Nextware can supplement your resources to provide an added push to the finish line. We can take entire modules of the project and complete them on our own, or work hand-in-hand with your development team to deliver a software package without skipping a beat.

The Nextware software development team doesn’t simply pack up when the project is complete. We back everything we do with 24/7 support, system maintenance, and changes to account for new requirements and contexts over time. Our team is here to support your business or organization for the long term, building value through a consultative, iterative process which keeps you in the center.

What’s Your Requirement?

Nextware and its team of experienced engineers are ready for any software development challenge. If you’re ready to bring the best to your toughest, most complex problem, we’re ready to take it on. Contact us to learn more about what we’re capable of.


Nextware works with just about any kind of software environment, coding language, or API you can imagine. Ask us about our work in these and other platforms:


iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms


C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual C++, MVC, MVVM, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, MS Sharepoint, MS Azure


Bootstrap, PHP5, MySQL, LAMP, CodeIgniter, Java, Swing, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Python, Node JS, RESTful API, Web Services XML, JSON


HTML5, jQuery UI, React JS, React Native,
Angular.js, Xamarin


MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB


Linux, Microsoft Server Administration


Cloud computing, AWS, Salesforce
Software as a Service (SaaS) Azure