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Make Your Web Presence Sparkle

Websites are the public face of every organization. A well-designed home page, engaging user experience, and intuitive site map are critical elements in capturing the right audience.

The difference between an excellent website and a standard one is often quite small. A few minor design details, keywords and information flows can bring in additional customers… or dramatically increase your “bounce” rate. With competitive websites constantly adjusting their tactics and refreshing their look, it is more important than ever to have a competent, engaged web design company on your side.

Perhaps even more than the user-facing product, the back-end coding of a site is a critical component of harvesting leads and opportunities from web traffic. Setting up mechanisms to track customer behavior, target particular markets, or generate geographically-oriented content starts with the basic infrastructure of a site. Foundational coding and site architecture will ultimately dictate how a company can use the precious data that comes from customer engagement to drive revenue-generating opportunities.

There are plenty of website development and design companies out there, but many of them only focus on a single design element or single stage of the process. Others offer “quick fix” websites with standardized elements which quickly fade into the background of the competitive internet environment. There may be short-term reasons to go with either option, yet the long-term benefits of using a full-service web services company quickly result in a more cohesive approach at a lower total cost.

As one of the top web design companies in the L.A. area, Nextware offers the full range of website design, development and hosting services. We provide our clients with as much or as little help as they need to make their web presence sparkle. Unlike many website design companies, Nextware takes the time to listen to its clients, truly understand their drivers and needs and propose a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements and budget. The end result is a website that looks great, offers a compelling user experience, integrates into vital business systems, and captures the data necessary to drive business opportunities.

What We Offer

Nextware’s experienced engineers and designers are well-equipped to build websites which fit with your organization’s singular needs. From back-end development and coding to user experience and site design, Nextware has the talent and resources necessary to bring your site to life and keep it relevant in an increasingly competitive online environment.

Nextware works on websites at any point in the development cycle. Looking to start from scratch? We can build your site from the ground up. Hoping to augment an existing site with new content and capabilities? Nextware can open up new frontiers to any site, with any architecture. Looking for SEO services to optimize your site’s searchability? Nextware works with clients to change their strategy on the fly, identifying poorly performing aspects of a site and bringing them new life.


Nextware supports all of the most popular website development platforms and content management systems (CMS) on the market today, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others. Our web designers and engineers can fit with whatever architecture or design structure your organization may already have in place.

Custom Development

Need some custom work which falls outside of a normal CMS platform? Nextware can supplement any existing site with pages and functionality built to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s custom designs, custom forms, e-commerce applications, or other complex coding, our engineers have the experience and certifications required to get the job done right.

Web Design Integration and Development Service

Integration Services

Few of today’s websites exist in isolation. Rather, they are merely the external-facing components of larger systems, capturing data and driving it into different sub-components of a business or organization. As a provider of both website and software development services, Nextware is ideally positioned to integrate websites into the back-end systems which deliver focused value for its clients. We can handle not only how the data gets collected, but also where it goes and how it is processed, providing a true end-to-end solution which few website development companies are equipped to offer.

Nextware provides integration with many different business tools, including:

  • Product Information Management (PIM): Nextware can integrate your centrally held product information into a web delivery platform, simplifying distribution across the enterprise.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Nextware specializes in DAM systems like Canto Cumulus and Picturepark, helping to organize data which arrives through the website for simple retrieval and reliable archiving.
  • eCommerce Systems: Nextware can seamlessly integrate your web presence into any eCommerce platform, making the transition from casual browser to customer simple.
  • Databases: Need to display content directly from a dynamic data repository? Nextware can integrate database holdings directly into your website design.
  • Marketing Tools: Tracking customer habits, targeting advertising and driving location-based content are all key parts of a sophisticated approach to lead generation. Nextware brings strong expertise in many commonly used marketing platforms to help your business squeeze the most data out of any website.
  • Google: Nextware brings the power of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and other tracking tools to help your organization tailor its approach to end-users.
Web site UI UX company


A relatable, engaging user experience is critical to the success of any website. Nextware’s website UX/UI team brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong portfolio of different approaches to any website project. Nextware employs a time-tested engagement process which goes to the core of what both internal stakeholders and external visitors want to experience from a user experience. Blending these elements into the site architecture and design, Nextware’s website UX/UI team develops sites which actively engage with any organization’s target audience.

Web Design Services

Design Services

The best websites blend relevant information with accessible, user-centric design. That’s why Nextware offers a wide range of creative services to bring your website to life. Parallel to the UX/UI design of websites, Nextware also offers graphic design services for companies and organizations which are looking for new logos, a new palette, or even new business cards.

Content Writing Services

Content Creation

Nextware’s experienced technical writers translate engineering concepts and product features into copy which gets to the heart of your value proposition. From basic descriptive content to blogs and marketing collateral, Nextware covers all aspects of content development.

SEO Friendly Web Development Service


The best website in the world is useless if it can’t be found through a simple keyword search. Nextware’s SEO team can find the most popular and relevant terms for your site, driving new traffic and new customers.

mobile friendly web development services

Social Media

Today’s websites are part of a larger public-facing engagement strategy which includes a presence on major social media platforms. Nextware helps organizations of all sizes build and execute a social media strategy alongside the creation of a new website.

Website Hosting, Maintenance and Support

The advent of cloud services continues to revolutionize the way the internet functions. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, organizations of all sizes can now utilize sophisticated tools to increase their productivity and reach. The Nextware team specializes in migrating websites or site elements to the cloud, bringing new functionality and security at a substantially reduced cost.

  • Website Hosting Services: Nextware can establish, organize, and maintain your organization’s presence in the cloud. Our experienced technology consultants can help to steer you through the range of options, choosing the rates and service package which make the most sense. Nextware’s engineers use AWS, Azure, and all the other most popular cloud platforms, or can walk you through “hybrid cloud” solutions as well.
  • Website Maintenance and support: We know that the launch of any website is only the beginning. Keeping websites fresh, fixing inevitable bugs, and maintaining functionality at scale require constant vigilance. Nextware offers 24/7 support for its websites, making sure that your site is operating whenever customers need it.
  • Website Backup and Disaster Recovery: Reducing downtime has to be the goal of any organization. Whether it’s a hack, a natural disaster, or some other disruptive event, maintaining a constant presence requires backup plans and recovery systems. Nextware guides its clients through the many backup and recovery options to ensure that a solid plan is in place to minimize downtime.
  • Load Balancing: As businesses scale and traffic to a site increases, balancing the load of computing power is an often overlooked yet critical determinant of functionality. Nextware can help your organization maintain a consistent level of operations by planning and executing a data-based load balancing plan.


With all of the many services it provides, Nextware offers both standard and custom plans for clients of all sizes. We can craft our proposal to fit your budget, using our plan matrix as a guide.