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Nextware is the leading Adaxes implementation, integration and support specialist for Softerra Adaxes in North America. We provide services ranging from needs assessment, implementation, integration, custom development, training and ongoing maintenance and support of your Adaxes solution.

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Nextware consultants specialized in the implementation of Adaxes can help you automate manual and time consuming processes such as on-boarding and off-boarding of users and movement of resources through integration with Human Resources, Facilities Management and other systems. Our system architects can help you achieve your objectives in terms of security and high availability, and our support staff can provide you with ongoing maintenance and support of your Adaxes solution.

About Adaxes

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Adaxes is a premium all-in-one management and automation solution for Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 environments.

Adaxes features include:

Adaxes simplifies all aspects of Active Directory management by providing advanced automation capabilities, role-based security model, web-based administration, self-service capabilities for users and much more.

Adaxes Web Interface enables administrators, managers and other users to access all Active Directory management tasks via standard web browsers. The Web UI is fully customizable and can accommodate the specific needs of your organization.

Using the Adaxes Web Interface users can perform Active Directory self-service activities, like update own personal information and change own password, search the directory, and execute other operations, for which they have sufficient permissions.

With Adaxes Self-Password Reset, forgotten passwords and locked accounts, the most frequent help desk requests, can also be completely eliminated. Users can reset their own passwords by either answering a few security questions and/or using SMS codes.

Adaxes completely automates user provisioning, deprovisioning and lifecycle management. This helps eliminate human errors during such procedures as well as save costs by eliminating manual steps and wait times.

Adaxes introduces a Role-Based access model. It helps ensure that at any given moment all users have the exact set of permissions that they need. As a result, the Least Privilege Principle can be easily implemented.

Through Adaxes workflow features, it is possible to add approval steps to practically any operation performed on Active Directory, Exchange or Office 365. This allows management to delegate tasks but retain control and avoid security risks.

The Adaxes PowerShell module enables administrators to perform Active Directory management from the command line. The PowerShell module of Softerra Adaxes helps you to automate Active Directory tasks like creating, updating or deleting objects, modifying group membership, provisioning new user accounts, etc.

With Adaxes, you can create your own Custom Commands to perform complex and routine Active Directory management tasks unique to your working environment. A Custom Command can execute multiple actions in a single turn. Custom Commands can modify objects, change their group membership, execute scripts, create mailboxes and home folders, move objects, etc. If necessary, certain Custom Command actions can be performed only if specific conditions are met. Users can execute Custom Commands just as they execute any other operations in the Web Interface and Adaxes Administration Console.

Adaxes can automatically create, manage and delete mailboxes in Exchange, both on-premises and in the cloud. It also allows users to perform delegated Exchange task via the Adaxes Web Interface.

Adaxes can be integrated with Office 365 to enhance management and bring automation capabilities such as license assignment and revoking, dynamic account updates, role-based delegation and more.

Adaxes allows you to configure and manage Fine-Grained Password Policies using an intuitive and friendly user interface. When changing or resetting passwords, users can view the password requirements, have the option to generate a strong password, and, if they need to communicate the password on the telephone, Adaxes helps them to spell it out.

Softerra Adaxes provides Property Patterns that allow applying formatting constraints to Active Directory objects, determine possible values for object properties, and compose some values automatically on the basis of the existing ones. This facilitates object creation and modification and helps to maintain Active Directory data consistency.

Adaxes provides the ability to schedule the launch of various Active Directory tasks at predefined times or after specified time intervals. Such tasks can include sending account or password expiration notifications, deleting inactive accounts, maintaining group membership, synchronizing AD with external data sources, and much more.