Mobile Application Development

Any platform, any consumer and any app

Nextware’s experienced engineers develop the full range of mobile apps for clients here in Los Angeles and around the world. We know that searching for a mobile app development company can be difficult. The universe of consumer and business apps in the mobile arena is so diverse; it can be a challenge to find a company with meaningful experience in every specialty area.

This is why Nextware’s mobile application development team puts a premium on understanding the specific needs of its clients from the start. Whether your organization is just starting with the development of an iPhone app, or has a team building out your existing Android platform, or maybe just wants to optimize an existing mobile application, Nextware offers services throughout the development lifecycle.

Nextware works closely with its clients to determine the most suitable mobile technologies for their applications. As a mobile application company with decades of experience across multiple mobile application platforms, Nextware provides a range of options and services for its clients.

Nextware can help your business build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile which reach consumers and end-users on today’s most popular devices and platforms. Our native apps ensure a consistent experience and approach, regardless of how an end-user comes to see them. By applying its robust testing and evaluation processes, Nextware ensures that its native apps are ready for prime time right from the start.

Many Nextware clients find that mobile optimized web applications are the best way to address users across multiple mobile platforms at once. By creating a single interface which works on any device through a web browser, Nextware can ensure a consistent approach which shortens development timeframes and offers a platform-agnostic user experience. Mobile optimized web applications are growing in popularity, as they present advantages over single-use native apps in certain environments.

Nextware takes pride in the forward-looking design and seamless user experience of its mobile apps, even across the complex web of operating systems and devices. Whether your app sits on an iPhone, an Android tablet, or a Windows device, Nextware’s engineers will craft a consistent and engaging interface which promotes usability and “stickiness”. Through its long-term engagement with clients, Nextware helps organizations adjust their mobile application strategy over time, ensuring that customers return to successful, useful, intuitive apps again and again.

Nextware’s mobile app development team works fluently with iOS, Android, Windows, and cross-platform technologies based on the client’s needs. Our mobile applications look great on any device, from iPhones and iPads, to Android devices of all sizes and configurations, to the growing number of mobile devices which use Windows. Nextware ensures that the user experience of your mobile application is fluid and consistent, no matter which device or operating system comes into play.

Today’s mobile application development requirements span the full range of consumer-facing and internal business use cases. Nextware’s software engineers have the credentials and experience necessary to build mobile applications for any purpose, in any vertical or market. We build custom mobile applications for clients as diverse as shipping companies, law enforcement agencies, healthcare organizations, and retail outlets. Regardless of who the end-user happens to be, Nextware builds its apps with the client’s unique user base in mind.

Nextware is known for its simple, functional apps which create a seamless user experience. In a hyper-competitive app market, we know that each program should be instantly functional and self-explanatory, delivering clear value to the end-user right from the start. Drawing from our strong credentials in user interface design, component architecture, and technology standards, Nextware’s software development team builds applications which make sense. Our applications are known for their elegant design and ease of use. We believe that intuitive applications are the ones people use the most.

No mobile application is an island. All of the valuable data generated by an app should feed seamlessly into back-end CRM systems, marketing databases, and other data stores. That’s why Nextware doesn’t just develop mobile apps – it develops the back-end systems which your mobile apps feed into. Nextware ensures that all the information your app generates will integrate properly into your existing systems.

Mobile apps also have to be scalable. As your business and consumer base grow, the back-end systems have to be set up to receive and process ever-larger amounts of data. As additional features are added to a mobile app over time, more complexity may also impact the ability of a back-end system to grow and adapt. Nextware takes a whole-of-systems approach to mobile application development, ensuring that both the app itself and the systems behind it are set up for long-term success.

The best mobile apps have business intelligence and analytic tools built in from the start. Nextware knows that most (if not all!) of the benefit which businesses derive from mobile apps comes from the data they collect form end-users or customers. Nextware’s engineers bring experience in integration of business intelligence and analytics experience tools which help clients make the most out of their mobile application.

Nextware supports the full lifecycle of mobile application development. We offer ongoing maintenance and support for your app as it goes into production and use. Our 24/7 support gives businesses the peace of mind they need, particularly when launching a mobile app designed to scale quickly in the marketplace.

Nextware also offers several hosting options for its mobile applications. We can host your app and the data it requires – in the cloud, in an on-premise server, or in any combination of the two. With experience drawn from hundreds of mobile application clients, Nextware can walk your business or organization through the pros and cons of each option. We work with all of the major cloud service providers to offer our clients any pricing model they wish to use.

Nextware works closely with all of its customers, building apps through an agile process which evolves along with their core needs and requirements. We work with our clients throughout the development process, looping their feedback into the development cycle in a meaningful way. Overall, Nextware takes the time to listen, incorporating the needs of businesses and end-users into a coherent application development process.

Nextware also offers its mobile application development resources as an add-on to your existing software staff. Nextware’s engineers can augment existing development teams, assisting in “sprint” situations where timeliness is critical. We can also collaborate with your existing team to speed up the mobile application development cycle, providing critical resources when it matters most.

Mobile application testing is a critical component of success. Nextware’s engineers go through a robust testing process to ensure that the experience in every application is technically flawless and consistent, even across platforms and devices. In the crush of short deadlines, many mobile application development companies cut corners, releasing half-baked beta apps. Nextware makes sure that all of its products are fully tested, proven mobile applications which work from day one.

Hoping for a better reaction to your new or existing mobile application? Looking to fix some bugs and glitches? Looking for a UI/UX makeover? Nextware offers evaluation services to clean up and fix existing mobile applications. Our engineers can figure out what isn’t working on your mobile applications through analysis of data produced by the app, as well as the app’s own code. Based on our findings, Nextware can offer a clear path forward – one which ensures a consistent, engaging, and ultimately satisfying approach which keeps users coming back, even across devices and operating systems.


  • iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Android apps for Android phones and Android tablets
  • Windows apps for Windows phones and Windows tablets
  • Cross-platform apps based on Xamarin and PhoneGap