Court Dates App

Dramatically simplify officer court appearances scheduling process

Court Dates App

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Nextware’s “Court Dates App” dramatically simplifies the process of scheduling officers for court appearances.

Scheduling court appearances for law enforcement officers can consume a significant amount of time and energy. When schedules get misaligned or miscommunicated, the entire justice system is delayed and officers are pulled away from valuable enforcement time.

With the “Court Dates App”, agencies can centrally manage officer schedules, removing the need for endless email exchanges, coordinating calls, and complicated spreadsheets, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

#1: Full Visibility Into Officer Court Dates & Work Schedules

Officer profiles and schedules are synced through a central management system. That system provides a single place where DAs, magistrates, and court clerks can manage court appearances for individual officers and check on availability.

#2: Centrally Manage Court Holidays

Court holidays are normally known long in advance. Nextware’s solution helps courts manage their holiday calendar and avoid any potential scheduling conflicts. When court dates are moved, calendars automatically reflect the changes, and notifications can be sent to both officers and supervisors.

#3: Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Court appearance dates change frequently. With the “Court Dates App” from Nextware, court officials can easily schedule around conflicts such as training or vacation time.

#4: Identify Missing Officer Court Dates

The Court Dates app also monitors coverage in all participating agencies. Administrators have a central source to track down any missing information for specific agencies or officers.

#5: Auditing & Reporting

The Nextware “Court Dates App” tracks all system activity, generating reports for specific time frames, agencies, or officers. Data is stored in accordance with local regulations.