Our Approach

Bringing your ideas and requirements to life


When Nextware first engages with a new client, we take the time to build the foundation of a strong partnership. We get to know the system administrators, the users in the field, and managers. Nextware will do an in-depth assessment of where your systems stand, and what the expectations are for a system’s performance.

The discovery process typically takes between one and three days, and results in a discovery report listing the needs and priorities we’ve heard. Nextware will also identify key stakeholders, provide technical documentation of the status quo, and offer a draft timeline for a solution.


In the proposal phase, Nextware takes all of the information from the discovery phase and puts together a comprehensive plan for moving forward. We will map out the project’s phases, provide detailed lists of deliverables, flesh out the timeline for completion, create a solid timeline, and outline our approach. All of this results in a concrete proposal which Nextware presents to the client for approval.


Once the proposal is agreed upon, Nextware gets to work. We prepare our staff and the client for the execution phase through a briefing where we go into the details of what will be done and how. Nextware creates a support portal for the client where they can track progress and measure deliverables. We also train your staff on the systems and processes we will use to bring your solution to life.


This is where the magic happens. Implementing the details plans from the first three phases, in this phase Nextware uses agile scrums and sprints to piece your solution together. Throughout the process, we keep the lines of communication open through regular planning meetings, product visioning, and progress reports. At the end of this phase, your software solution is up and running.


Nextware has delivered the core of your solution, and in this phase we work to perfect it. Working with feedback from system administrators, users, and management, we will continue to refine and optimize your solution. Nextware will proactively monitor the solution’s performance, adjusting it through patches and updates as needed until it is completely stable and reliable.

Our job isn’t done when the solution is delivered. Nextware will continue to stand by its product, offering 24/7 support through its online portal. If something needs fixing, we will be there to take care of it.