Business Process Automation


Project Details

Intellect helps its clients become more productive by automating business processes. When it came time to migrate its systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intellect turned to Nextware to handle the setup, migration, and operations of the solution.

The Nextware team closely examined Intellect’s service architecture, and its engineers designed a new environment to meet its operational needs. To ensure reliability, the new structure was rigorously tested prior to launch. Nextware then devised a plan to seamlessly migrate all of Intellect’s client sites to the AWS platform while minimizing downtime.

Intellect also trusts Nextware to maintain and support its AWS cloud platform through 24/7 support, performance monitoring and an ongoing commitment to optimizing the system architecture. Nextware implemented a cybersecurity plan for Intellect’s AWS solution as well, including the latest firewall technologies, antivirus programs and network Access Control Lists.

Intellect is enthusiastic about the flexibility and scalability of Nextware’s solution:

Nextware helped us take our cloud business to the next level. From start to finish, Nextware’s team was in tune with our needs. They executed the migration flawlessly, and now we trust them to keep our operations secure and efficient.

Selim Ozyel, Director of Software Engineering