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Nextware Technologies Court Dates App
Nextware Technologies Court Dates App 1024 719 Nextware Technologies

Nextware’s “Court Dates App” dramatically simplifies the process of scheduling officers for court appearances. Scheduling court appearances for law enforcement officers can consume a significant amount of time and energy.…

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Weiland’s Fully Integrated Online Quotation System
Weiland’s Fully Integrated Online Quotation System 1024 897 Nextware Technologies

The Challenge Weiland produces custom sliding doors and windows for high-end architectural projects.  The company was looking to create a way for customers to build quotes online, and approached Nextware…

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Custom & Futuristic UCSF Research WordPress Website
Custom & Futuristic UCSF Research WordPress Website 1024 683 Nextware Technologies

The Challenge The Oldham Lab at UCSF specializes in research on the brain. Having conducted an extensive study on the correlation between gene expression and cellular abundance, the researchers at…

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Reducing Paperwork for PQBids
Reducing Paperwork for PQBids 1024 683 Nextware Technologies

Following recent changes to California law, local governments are now required to vet contractors who work on projects of a certain monetary value. PQBids, a Southern California company, makes that…

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Drawing from Customer Behavior
Drawing from Customer Behavior 1024 652 Nextware Technologies

PSC Analytics uses the Internet of Things to create powerful marketing insights for the retail industry. The PSC Analytics solution allows retailers to generate additional revenue by linking consumer behavior…

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Cloud-Based Home Care Delivery
Cloud-Based Home Care Delivery 1024 682 Nextware Technologies

HomaCare provides digital solutions for health care providers, with a specific focus on applications used in home-based services.  Using its subscription-based solution, HomaCare allows for customized, data-driven services which promote…

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Shipment Tracking System
Shipment Tracking System 1024 684 Nextware Technologies

CST Inc selected Nextware Technologies to develop a next generation shipment tracking software solution for PDL Concepts. The new tracking software connects drivers and warehouse employees wirelessly with the backend…

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