Mobile Application Development

Any platform, any consumer and any app

Nextware’s experienced engineers develop the full range of mobile apps for clients here in Los Angeles and around the world. There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for an app development company.  The universe of consumer and business apps is so diverse that it can be difficult to find a company which has meaningful experience in every specialty area.

Nextware’s mobile app development team works fluently with iOS, Android, and cross-platform technologies based on your needs.  We make your user experience fluid and consistent.

Nextware has strong credentials in developing both consumer-facing apps as well as apps designed for business use.  We build our apps with your unique user base in mind.

Nextware is known for its simple, functional apps which create a seamless user experience.  In a hyper-competitive app market, we know that each program should be instantly functional and self-explanatory.

Nextware doesn’t just develop apps – it develops the back-end systems which your apps feed into. If the back-end systems exists, we ensure that all of the data your app generates will integrate properly into your existing systems.

Nextware supports the full lifecycle of mobile application development.  We offer ongoing maintenance and support for your app as it goes into production use.  We can also host your app and the data it requires – in the cloud, in an on-premise server, or in any combination of the two.

Nextware works closely with all of its customers, building apps through an agile process which evolves along with their core needs and requirements.  We work with you throughout the development process, looping your feedback into the development cycle in a meaningful way.


  • iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Android apps for Android phones and Android tablets
  • Windows apps for Windows phones and Windows tablets
  • Cross-platform apps based on Xamarin and PhoneGap