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If it involves software, Nextware does it.

We offer the full range of software development, application development and IT services. Our expert engineers can build just about anything, including custom web applications, mobile applications and desktop applications. They can make your business run smoothly through software implementation, business process automation, software integration and cloud hosting. And if you’re looking for advice, we also offer the full range of consultant services, quality assurance and testing.

Software Development

Nextware’s software development experts create intuitive applications that work.

Digital Asset Management

Nextware solutions manage all of the files which make organizations hum.

Business Process Management

Seamless flows of information are a hallmark of Nextware’s custom business process management solutions.

Internet of Things

Nextware can bring all of your connected systems together into a cohesive system.

Customer Relationship Management

Build competitive advantage through CRM systems which organically integrate into your workflow.

IT Services

Nextware has the skills and experience to tackle just about all of the back-end system issues which customers throw at us

We live and breathe software development. That passion feeds into the strong partnerships we forge with our clients.

From Fortune Global 500 companies to small businesses, Nextware has the experience to deal with even the most complicated IT problems. Just look at what we’ve accomplished in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Nextware’s experienced development teams empower clients through elegantly designed, intuitive, and efficient software systems

Whether you prefer off-the-shelf applications or custom software development, we can help select and implement the solutions which make sense for your objectives. Nextware’s expert engineers develop custom software for any platform or environment.  Whether it’s mobile app development for iOS or Android, customer-facing or for business use, Nextware has you covered.  With our cloud migration and cloud hosting services, Nextware can reduce your system costs while maintaining the performance and functionality you need.

Software Development, Mobile App Development & IT Services
by Nextware Technologies

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