IT Outsourcing & Staffing

Quickly Turn More Lights On

Software development projects often require flexible resources. When a project hits the wall, when a “sprint” looms, or when specific functional areas need to be addressed, development teams increasingly call on IT outsourcing services and IT staffing companies to meet their short-term or even long-term needs.

Cobbling together a software development team is challenging, particularly when certain skills are only needed for a short amount of time. Finding the right combination of skills for a software development effort can be a drain on resources in and of itself. Contract staffing is often the most efficient, cost-effective way to bring a complex software development effort to completion. This is why companies rely on Nextware to provide the certified talent they need to get the job done.

Nextware’s engineering team has both the broad knowledge and the specific skill sets needed to address any software development challenge. In addition, our pool of contract IT staff is equipped to handle the full range of client requirements, and comes equipped with technical certifications and strong experience. From mobile applications to software integration to architecture and design, Nextware’s software team is the IT staffing company that has your needs covered.

Whether it’s a temporary engagement to meet a deadline or a long-term, “as needed” contract, Nextware’s flexible, agile approach to software development can be tailored to fit the needs of any customer. Our IT outsourcing services are designed around your needs and can fit with any budget or operating environment. With engineers in the Los Angeles area and beyond, Nextware is well-positioned to advance even the most complex and technically difficult projects.

The Nextware Outsourcing Model

Software development projects shouldn’t have to stop in their tracks when new resources are required. That’s why Nextware offers a flexible, simple approach to IT outsourcing and contract staffing. We make it easy for companies to find the development personnel they need quickly, easily and on the right terms.

The process starts when clients approach Nextware about their requirements. We’ll ask some questions about the scope of the project, the specific software development resources required and the timeframe involved. Nextware always takes time to listen to its clients, helping them find the appropriate staff for their specific needs.

Nextware will then respond with an outsourcing services proposal based on the client’s requirements. We generally follow one of the following models:

Direct Outsourcing

If your client’s needs can be met within our existing pool, Nextware will assemble an IT staffing solution based on its own group of talented engineers. We’ll find the people with the right skill sets, certifications and experience to get the job done right.

Project Management

If your client is looking for a more in-depth outsourcing engagement, Nextware can not only provide project managers, but a complete project management solution, including time tracking and resource management through business tools like JIRA.

Specialized Staffing

Need that hard-to-find Shopify developer? Or a UX/UI designer familiar with nonprofits? Even for specialized staffing needs, we have (or will find) what you need.

Outsourcing Plans

No two software development or IT projects projects are the same, and no two clients fit the exact same resource profile. That’s why Nextware offers several types of outsourcing plans, each designed to fit the cost model and operational requirements of its clients:

Subscription: Nextware also offers the ability for clients to engage development resources over a longer period, with defined caps on weekly or monthly hours, all at the most competitive rate.

Project: When clients are looking to outsource development work or supplement resources for an entire project, Nextware can offer engineering staff for the entire development cycle.

Block of Hours: Clients looking to hem in costs can bring on Nextware developers and engineers for defined blocks of time, adding further blocks as needed.

Ad Hoc: For clients with occasional needs, Nextware can assign software development resources on an hourly basis, even without a defined term or contract scope.

Case Studies

Nextware has the experience to deal with even the most complicated IT problems. Just look at what we’ve accomplished.