Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Your data, where and when you need it

The Challenges

Data loss is a serious issue for any organization. If you can’t find your files or share them collaboratively across platforms, the performance of your organization subsequently suffers. Hardware failure, human error, software corruption, viruses, theft, or simple misplacement of data can be devastating to the systems we rely on every day.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are designed to overcome these challenges by keeping data organized and secure. Through a combination of hardware, software, and implementation support provided by Nextware, Digital Asset Management greatly increases productivity, resulting in a tangible return on investment.

From foundation-level DAM deployment to complex migrations, customization, and integration, Nextware can take your DAM system to the next level. As a highly sought after Digital Asset Management Company in Los Angeles, Nextware has the specialized resources to build any solution imaginable. Providing full support for all our solutions, we give you peace of mind and the flexibility to adapt to new market conditions.

Our Solution

We specialize in all aspects of Digital Asset Management, such as brand asset management, maintaining digital image databases, digital rights management and usage reporting. Nextware’s team of experts will handle the DAM implementation, cloud hosting, custom development, testing, training and more. Two leading software solutions that we focus on for organization and management of information systems are Canto Cumulus and Picturepark.

Canto Cumulus is an enterprise digital asset management software which uses sophisticated metadata information to store, search, sort, track changes and publish on multiple platforms and channels. Cumulus comes with an enterprise document management system and digital image library that enables users to collaborate by sharing images, documents, and videos. By instantly locating files, Cumulus increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Picturepark is a digital asset management system which is designed for ease of use, readily accessing files for collaborative work, and exploitation of big data tools. Use of regional cloud infrastructure ensures that Picturepark-enabled systems are always available and quick, bringing maximum performance to your IT systems.

Our Digital Asset Management Solutions

Nextware offers end-to-end Digital Asset Management solutions. We can build your enterprise digital asset management software from the ground up, or work with your IT department to optimize the performance and efficiency of your current system.

Nextware adapts its agile approach to work within your own support framework, ensuring that internal management and IT teams are on board. From our experience with clients, we understand that Digital Asset Management is more than a simple product purchase – it is about changing the way companies do business. 

We assist Digital Asset Management clients at all stages and levels of expertise. Whether you know some of what you want or haven’t decided which solution is best, our experienced professionals can guide you through the selection process. We can also shepherd you through the difficult task of defining your requirements, workflows, and processes.

Want to see Cumulus or Picturepark in action? We can build demo or pilot systems so you can see for yourself what possible opportunities Digital Asset Management solutions can offer.

Beyond assembling hardware and deploying software, Digital Asset Management is about how your organization uses data. Nextware can help you develop the policies, processes, workflows, taxonomy, personnel, hardware, and daily tasks which make Digital Asset Management work for you.

Your Digital Asset Management system needs to be future-proof; that means designing your system architecture and hardware to suit your business needs in the long run. Nextware can adapt your system to any scenario (hosted, cloud), operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac), usage type (internal, external, both), workflow (static, dynamic, both), data volume (images, documents, videos), user load, and server type (virtual, dedicated, on-demand).

Metadata and taxonomy are critical to the success of any Digital Asset Management solution. Our experts will construct a system which uses industry standards, custom fields, and time-tested hierarchy structures to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Managing permissions is also an important part of Digital Asset Management. Nextware solutions put your organization in the driver’s seat, enabling user permission configurations for user, catalog, role and/or record level. We will help you analyze and understand how to manage permissions to maximize security and value from your Digital Asset Management system.

Many organizations want to realize the benefits of a Digital Asset Management solution without the hassle and expense of running it themselves. This is why Nextware offers hosted solutions, where we take on the grunt work of day-to-day administration while you reap the rewards of a system optimized for maximum performance.

Nextware’s experts can guide you through a complete implementation of your Cumulus solution, to include cloud hosting, system maintenance, and support.

Nextware thoroughly tests all of its systems based on a customized plan to ensure that they are built to last. We use tools such as HP WebInspect, Qualys SSL Scan, and GFI LanGuard to thoroughly scan all components, layers, clients, and interfaces of your system to make sure they are compliant with industry best practices. We also perform several rounds of user acceptance testing to make sure the solution performs as expected and can easily be understood by users.

With a decade of experience training our clients in all aspects of Digital Asset Management, Nextware can offer custom sessions to get your organization up to speed. Sessions can be held on-site or remotely. We can train your IT administrative staff, Digital Asset Management system administrators, “power users”, or even everyday users. Our commitment to your success is also ongoing – we offer training to keep you and your administrators up to date on the latest Digital Asset Management solutions.

Nextware supports its products through a full-service maintenance package. We offer the full range of technical support, upgrades, retraining, and ongoing system monitoring.  

Need help with an issue? Our support staff responds quickly and efficiently, helping you get back on track in no time. Nextware’s support portal is globally accessible, allowing us to help you no matter where you are.

Nextware also offers monitoring services, where we keep an eye on your Digital Asset Management systems, ensuring optimal web interface uptime and backup reliability 24/7.

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Case Studies

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