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Use The Right Tools To Get Any Job Done

Agile organizations need powerful technology to drive productivity. Atlassian products such as JIRA Software, Confluence, Bitbucket and Crowd support the collaborative, dynamic environment which help get the job done effectively.

Beyond every project management tool lies the way that tool is implemented within an agile methodology. Every organization has its quirks, its unique culture. By customizing the mechanism for collaboration and implementing the right combination of tools, agile teams can mold the functionality of their project management platform to their particular requirements. This allows organizations to shape the software they use rather than allowing the software to shape them.

As a business that is deeply invested in agile processes, Nextware understands the powerful role that JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian products can play in an organization’s success. A top Atlassian partner in the L.A. area, Nextware has years of experience with JIRA implementations under our belt. We are Atlassian experts, using these products every day to improve our productivity and drive results. That’s why Nextware specializes in JIRA support, implementation and training – we know what’s at stake, and through years of experience with clients of all kinds, we have a great deal of insight into how these platforms can set any organization up for success.

Our Approach

Nextware prides itself on listening closely to its clients’ needs. We take the time to understand the motivation behind moving to a new tool suite, learning not only the “what” but the “why.” As experts in agile transformation, Nextware starts by learning where our clients are in their agile journey and what it will take to get them to the desired end state. We also look into the state of existing systems, analyzing the context which the new software will inhabit.

Based on this initial conversation, Nextware then produces a recommendation on the combination of products which fit best with a customer’s goals and requirements. Nextware often recommends JIRA Software, Confluence and selected other tools that are part of the Atlassian product suite – best-in-class products which can be combined to fit the needs of most agile organizations. In certain circumstances, we will recommend other solutions or even a custom development project – it all depends on the unique situation of each client.

During the implementation phase, Nextware integrates the various software elements to fit the client’s needs. We put together seamless packages of JIRA Software, Confluence or any other piece of the your puzzle, connecting them in intuitive ways which promote productivity and increased use. We also bring together the management elements of different software packages, easing the strain on IT management resources.

Nextware can set up your Atlassian tool suite to fit any hosting configuration. Whether it’s an on-premise installation on your server, an AWS/Azure hosted solution, or a combination of the two, our engineers will put together an installation package that works seamlessly.

Custom Configurations and Add-ons

Each organization has unique operational needs and on occasion those needs cannot be addressed simply through an off-the-shelf software configuration. For these cases, Nextware offers research services and JIRA consulting to find the additional module or software element to meet niche requirements. From JIRA add-ons to G Suite integrations to the popular Tempo products, Nextware can find and implement the right tool to optimize your system.

Migration Services

Migrating data from one project management system to another can be difficult to pull off, particularly in the middle of everyday business. The risk of missing data, dropped tasks and a general dip in productivity can be high, even when the same product suite is involved.

That’s why Nextware works closely with your team to guarantee a seamless migration. We ensure that every piece of information is accounted for before moving a single kilobyte of data. We also put together a migration plan which takes every task and workflow into account, bringing your team into the new system without a hitch.

JIRA and Confluence Training

Training is a critical part of any operational change. Using all the relevant features of a new software platform requires that everyone know how those features add value to the work they do every day. Nextware offers full training for JIRA Software, Confluence and the entire Atlassian project management and collaboration suite, bringing your team together around the strong functionality of these powerful software tools.

Maintenance and Support

Software implementations are rarely a one-and-done process. As needs change, as businesses scale, and as the software platforms themselves evolve, ongoing support services are critical to keeping any organization running smoothly. Nextware’s Atlassian support and Atlassian maintenance services ensure that the functionality of your system is maintained over the long term.

Nextware can also run your systems as an outsourced IT Services provider. From hosting and administering your Atlassian products in the cloud to load balancing for maximum system performance, we have you covered with the full range of operational services. We also handle upgrades, monitoring and backups, so you don’t have to. Nextware’s 24/7 support services give even the smallest organizations the power of a full IT staff without the overhead of actually hiring one. Or you can bring us in for periodic check-ups – whichever model suits your needs.

Case Studies

Nextware has the experience to deal with even the most complicated IT problems. Just look at what we’ve accomplished.