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Nextware is the leading implementation, integration and support specialist for Canto Cumulus in North America. We provide services ranging from needs assessment, implementation, integration, custom development, training and ongoing maintenance and support of your Canto Cumulus solution.

How We Can Help

Nextware consultants specialized in the implementation of Canto Cumulus can help you set up a comprehensive digital library to ingest and tag your digital assets, but also to control access, distribute them and make them available in other systems. This can include any digital asset imaginable, ranging from images, graphics, documents, videos, audio files and more.

About Canto Cumulus

Canto Cumulus DAM Solutions - Canto Cumulus Logo - Nextware (Los Angeles)

As an enterprise-level DAM solution, Cumulus uses sophisticated metadata information for you to store, search, sort, track changes and enables you to publish your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels. Canto Cumulus features include:

Reinforce YOUR brand when sending large files. Cumulus Portals gives you a better option for sharing and collaborating than non-branded, drop-drive boxes. Create as many different branded portals as you need. Impress and save money. This mobile-responsive technology is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap™ and offers unlimited read-only / download-only user access, and built for massive concurrent users.

Canto Cumulus DAM Solutions - Canto Cumulus Portals - Nextware (Los Angeles)

Canto has rebuilt the Cumulus mobile app from the ground up, and it looks amazing on both iPad and iPhone. And the best part is, it’s now included with every Cumulus X install. Search, comment, collaborate, markup, review, approve, upload and download content anytime, anywhere.

Canto Cumulus DAM Solutions - Canto Cumulus Mobile App - Nextware (Los Angeles)

Powerful search lets you use keywords, create custom queries and dynamic filters to find any file housed in your Cumulus catalog.

Streamline content creation and asset handling. Automate manual workflows, set up process steps and assign status-based tasks.

Cumulus automatically ingests specific metadata such as color mode, resolution, image dimensions, frame rate, font names and supports metadata standards, such as IPTC, EXIF and XMP.

Metadata can be assigned to individual files or bulk edited. Create metadata fields that make sense for your database needs and workflow, including drop-down lists with single-select or multi-select, text fields, radio buttons, date fields, color labels and more!

Your Metadata stays with the file – no matter where Cumulus delivers it. It is written into the file information when downloading an asset or when accessing the asset from another system.

Many enterprises choose Cumulus because the system is highly configurable without the need for custom coding. Cumulus can be configured in infinite ways to support a tremendous variety of installations. However, some unique business requirements may require custom code.

Manage version histories, use the compare feature to find hard to track changes and take advantage of roll back version options.

Cumulus can be configured to track asset relationships, so that all files used in a particular layout or publication can easily be found and reviewed. Use relations to store model release forms together with RAW and finished files, among many other uses.

Quit relying on Dropbox and transfer files directly into Cumulus with a simple link. Create an ‘Upload Collection’, set an expiration date and with a simple hyperlink, let your trusted agencies and contractors drag and drop their files right into Cumulus. Your staff and automated triggers can then add additional Metadata for proper cataloging.

Put all your files into a dynamic collection to easily share a group of images, PDFs, videos, layouts and presentation files with internals and externals.

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