Software Development

Our software development team builds custom applications which seamlessly integrate into the workflow of your business

Drawing from our strong credentials in user interface design, component architecture, and technology standards, Nextware’s software development team builds applications which make sense. Our applications are known for their elegant design and ease of use. We believe that intuitive applications are the ones people use the most.

We know that you want to focus on the bottom line of your business, not the technology behind it. That’s why Nextware creates applications for both mobile and web-based platforms which streamline process flows to maximize productivity.

Nextware works with companies at every point in the application development process. Have an idea? We can spin it into a solution which meets your needs. Programmed yourself into a corner? Nextware specializes in rescuing projects on the brink of failure. Bogged down by legacy systems? Our expert developers can build around your existing architecture, integrate it into a broader framework, or mold it to fit your requirements.

Throughout the agile software development process, Nextware focuses on the needs of its clients. We work with you at every stage to build requirements, develop solution architectures, and test prototypes. When you’re happy, we’ll be happy too.


Nextware works with just about any kind of software environment, coding language, or API you can imagine. Ask us about our work in these and other platforms:


iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms


C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual C++, MVC, MVVM, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, MS Sharepoint, MS Azure


Bootstrap, PHP5, MySQL, LAMP, CodeIgniter, Java, Swing, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Python, Node JS, RESTful API, Web Services XML, JSON


HTML5, jQuery UI, React JS, React Native,
Angular.js, Xamarin


MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB


Linux, Microsoft Server Administration


Cloud computing, AWS, Salesforce
Software as a Service (SaaS) Azure