Internet of Things (IoT)

Bringing your apps and data to life

Nextware provides the complete set of hardware design and software development services to clients looking to develop IoT platforms and solutions. Being one of the top Internet of Things companies in Los Angeles, our specialists can build just about anything you need for an IoT enablement, including embedded software, mobile apps, and cloud databases to store and manage data.

Are you in the industrial business?
We can help optimize your factory operations by implementing Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT solutions for industries such as manufacturing and utilities. Industrial Internet of Things enable your plant managers to remotely monitor machinery, exercise predictive maintenance for better asset management, and make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

Here are the main factors that come into play while implementing any IoT solution.

Product Design

Customers choose an IoT product based on many different factors – the look and feel of the device, its user interface, the design of its software, the quality of its sensors, its power usage profile, and so on. Prioritizing these complex choices can be difficult, given the role they will ultimately play in the product’s success.

Nextware provides a comprehensive suite of product design services specifically geared towards IoT devices, including the physical form, user interface, advanced microcontrollers, sensors, and embedded software design. Our experts provide grounded, evidence-based advice derived from working with a variety of companies, products, and markets.

Mobile App Design

The Internet of Things is inherently mobile. Connected devices are tied to apps through their very nature – the better the app, the more useful the IoT device will be.

At Nextware, we develop mobile apps that set your business apart. Our integrated approach to application development helps build robust solutions that collect data from connected devices and communicate with cloud servers. The IoT solutions enable you to efficiently manage connected devices through remote monitoring. Advanced analytics can be built into the application to allow predictive maintenance of these devices.

The success of any IoT implementation depends on the capabilities of the complementary application. Nextware leverages its years of experience in mobile and web application development to build efficient, easy-to-use applications for the Internet of Things.

Cloud Architecture

As the number of connected devices continues to increase, many businesses and organizations are drowning in data. Corralling and making sense of that data can be critical to understanding both the tactical reality of your business and progress towards strategic goals.

Nextware develops scalable hosted solutions, which empower clients to analyze and utilize data flows of any size and complexity. Using time-tested platforms, Nextware brings the latest in data analytics to its clients, customizing the user interface to allow for ease of use and adjustments as priorities shift.